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Adding the date and/or time question to your survey, allows respondents to select the information from a pre-set format.

Adding date/time option

To add any question type to your survey, click the Add new item button on the Survey Builder.

This will expand a menu with all of the available question types.

Here you can choose to add date and time, or opt to use date or time singularly.

Choosing any of these three options will place a default setting on your survey page, ready for you to edit.

The Add new item menu

Editing date/time option

In all three options available, the respondent will be able to select the answer from a pre-set format.

Click the finish editing button once you are done.


Picture showing the date/time, date and time options listed and how the pre-set format looks to respondents.

Question settings

All question types have the following functionalities attached to them: