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Category: Help & Support

Creating a Survey

There are three ways to create a new survey: Create a new survey from scratch. Create a new survey by copying an existing survey. Create

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Survey questions

Adding a question To add a question or note to your survey, click the Add new item button on the Survey Builder. This will expand a menu

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Choice question

Overview The choice question option uses closed ended questions, for example how well did a particular course run during learning, and has pre defined answers

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Dropdown question

Overview The dropdown question allows the use of closed ended questions and has predefined answers to choose from. Respondents can open to view the listed

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Grid question

Overview A Grid question is a tabular question that asks respondents to evaluate one or more row items using the same set of column choices.

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Multi-line question

Overview The multi-line question, is a free text (open-ended) question. This option allows respondents to type their answers in their own words into a text

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