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The dropdown question allows the use of closed ended questions and has predefined answers to choose from.

Respondents can open to view the listed responses before selecting an answer.

This enables the question to be answered quickly, and creates easily quantifiable response data for analysis.

Adding a dropdown question

To add any question type to your survey, click the Add new item button on the Survey Builder.

This will expand a menu with all of the available question types.

To add a multi-line question, select multi line.

This will place a default multi line question on your survey page, ready for you to edit.

The Add new item menu

Editing a dropdown question

To add an option you can select the add single or add bulk buttons under the question. 

You have the ability to move the order of the answers by the up/down arrows to the right of each answer and to delete.

Click the finish editing button once you are done.

Picture of a dropdown question in editing mode

Question settings

All question types have the following functionalities attached to them: