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The multi-line question, is a free text (open-ended) question.

This option allows respondents to type their answers in their own words into a text box and allows for longer responses.

This option is typically used to ask respondents for information where the answer options cannot be easily anticipated by the survey author, for example; asking for respondents thoughts and feedback.

If you require a shorter response, you can opt for the single line option

Adding a question

To add any question type to your survey, click the Add new item button on the Survey Builder.

This will expand a menu with all of the available question types.

To add a multi-line question, select multi line.

This will place a default multi line question on your survey page, ready for you to edit.

The Add new item menu

Editing a multi-line question

Add your question text into the question text box.

Click the finish editing button once you are done.

Screenshot of how the multi line question field looks when editing.

Question settings

All question types have the following functionalities attached to them: