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Writing questions for your survey

Your question text should be short and should be a question. 

Remember, question text will be used in charts and in your data export, so if your question is really long and contains other information, then this might prove analysis more difficult.

If you need to provide some context to the question, or explain how the user should answer the question, then you have a choice of two options for adding this text to the page:

  1. Add a question description.
  2. Add a Note above the question.

We have set a limit of 1024 characters for question text, which should be ample. If your proposed question exceeds that limit, you should consider the above.

Example of formatted question text.

Formatting your question text

You might want to add a splash of colour to your survey or you might want to emphasise something in your question text, so we’ve provided a number of formatting options in the text editor.

You can:

  • Make text bold.
  • Make text italicised.
  • Make text underlined.
  • Strikethrough text
  • Change text colour.
  • Add a link.


It’s important to consider accessibility when choosing a colour for your text. If you’re unsure whether the colour you have chosen provides enough contrast against the white page, you can use WebAIM’s contrast checker. You’ll just need to copy the Hex value from the colour picker.