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Open issues


Closed issues

ONS-869: Some users with a profile in more than one account cannot access the Analyse page of a survey from the sidebar menu

Description of issueIf a user is in more than one account, they may find that they are unable to navigate to a survey’s Analyse page via the sidebar menu.
Work aroundsThese users should be able to access the Analyse page via the Survey actions menu on their Dashboard (the three dots in the survey table).
Issue opened24 April 2024
Issue closed24 April 2024

ONS-869b: Some users are unable to access the permissions page of their survey

Description of issueSome users are unable to load the permissions page for their survey.
Work aroundsNone
Issue opened24 April 2024
Issue closed24 April 2024

ONS-752: Unable to access an individual response via the "View response" link on a free-text answer

Description of issue A blank page is returned when a user attempts to access an individual response via the “View response” link next to a free-text answer.
Work arounds Individual responses can still be accessed via the Browse responses tab and can also be analysed via a csv export.
Issue opened 29 February 2024
Issue closed 29 February 2024
Status Resolved

ONS-670: Some respondents encounter a client-side exception

Description of issue A respondent may see survey text greyed out and will not be able to answer the survey. An error on the page reads “Application error: a client-side exception has occurred.”
Cause Initial investigation suggests that respondents with specific installed browser extensions are seeing this error. Particularly, coupon applications such as Honey, Klarna and Rakuten.
Issue opened 19 December 2023
Issue closed 4 January 2024
Status Resolved

ONS-672: Error on submission if answers are submitted on hidden pages

Description of issue A respondent will receive a 442 error upon submission of the survey if they have answered a question on a hidden page. This occurs if a respondent answers a question on a page that is only displayed based on logic, but then goes back to the question that determines the logic and changes their answer so the page is then hidden.
Cause Application validation upon response submission does not expect a question on a hidden page to have been answered.
Issue opened 20 December 2023
Issue closed 21 December 2023
Status Resolved