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What is Online Surveys v3?

Online Surveys v3 is the third iteration of the Online Surveys application. It replaces Online Surveys v2, the current version of the application.

When will Online Surveys v3 be available?

Online Surveys v3 will be released to existing accounts and users in mid-September 2023. 

How will I know when I have access?

You will be notified via email and be instructed via the Online Surveys v2 Dashboard. 

How will I log in to Online Surveys v3?

All active users will automatically be added as users under their existing accounts’ licences in September. Online Survey v3 uses passwordless login, a more secure way to authenticate. You will simply enter you v2-registered email address and request an authentication link by email. This new method of authentication also provides an opportunity to us Multi-Factor Authentication, which can be enabled on your email client. 

Can I still use Online Surveys v2 after Online Surveys v3 is released?

The two versions will run in parallel until February 29, 2024. Towards the end of October, the creation of new surveys in the current version will be prevented to encourage the use of the new version and to ensure that surveys expected to be live past the switch-off date of Online Surveys v2 are not launched there. 

What happens to Online Surveys v2 on February 29, 2024?

Online Surveys v2 will be switched off on this date.  

What happens to my account’s surveys in Online Surveys v2?

There will be no migration of surveys from Online Surveys v2 to Online Surveys v3.  

To reuse a v2 survey, you can export your survey structure and import it into v3. 

To save response data you have collected in Online Surveys v2, you can use our export feature to save your data somewhere safe. 

You should ensure that you have exported any response data you wish to keep in good time of the switch-off date of February 29, 2024. 

Can I bulk export all survey data in my account?

There is no bulk export feature in the user interface. Individual users should be responsible for exporting the data they need to keep. If you have issues accessing or downloading data, contact help@jisc.ac.uk

Why isn’t my survey data being migrated from Online Surveys v2 to Online Surveys v3?

Despite the technical challenge, Jisc’s initial intention was to migrate survey data. Every effort was made, but the value of a full migration became disproportionate to the time and cost of the continued effort. A full migration would also have meant constraints for developing Online Surveys v3. To ensure Online Surveys can continue to develop to support the education sector and bring value to other sectors for many years to come, Jisc felt that – on balance – it was more important to ensure we can continue to offer Online Surveys at a price that is welcome in the sector, to be able to release the new version this year, and to ensure that we aren’t limited when developing the application. 

Jisc consulted with users about survey data migration via an open invitation on the Online Surveys v2 Dashboard in 2022. We understood from the information gathered that, for some users, the ability to retain survey data for long periods of time was important. We also understood that, where a data migration could not occur, a reasonable period of notice should be given to users to ensure there is time for users to save any data that needs to be retained. This is why, in this circumstance where a data migration isn’t feasible, we are providing six months’ notice to users.  

Features in Online Surveys v3

Is Online Surveys v3 much different to Online Surveys v2?

Online Surveys v3 follows the same concepts as its predecessor, but a new user interface has been designed to be more intuitive and more familiar to users of modern web applications.  

You’ll be able to search our Help and Support pages to familiarise yourself with how the new version works. 

Are any key features still to be released?

Yes. We are still working on some key features: 

  • Finish Later for Survey Access Control respondents.
  • Piping. 
  • Image upload. 
  • Multi-language. 
These items are on our roadmap to be completed before disabling new surveys being created in Online Surveys v2. This means that users will have a choice to continue using Online Surveys v2 if they want to use these features before they’re ready in v3.

How will I know when new features are introduced and what features are coming?

You can view our Release pages. Here you can see a history of what has been released. The release notes also include previews of future releases. 

At the moment, payments will still be made in Online Surveys v2. Over the coming months we will transition to payment and licence management in Online Surveys v3.

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